Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car

Sunday, September 14 (continued):

(If you don't know the Wiggles, you won't get the title) Our friend Jenn had given us this car after her son Sean outgrew it (just before Liam was born). And Liam can finally enjoy it now! His feet don't touch the ground, so we had to get creative - first resting his feet on the doors (uncomfortable), then with Liam sitting on a phone book (it kept sliding out), and finally with his booster seat strapped in (perfect).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun with a Ball Pit

Sunday, September 14:

Daddy had the genius idea of using the froggy pool all year...by making it a ball pit! As you can see, Liam is a big fan of this idea...

Yes, Liam's shirt says, "Baby (not midget) Do Not Toss."

Liam's First Swimming Lesson

Saturday, September 13:

Liam started swimming lessons at the YMCA. They start each lesson by singing songs in the water - like Wheels on the Bus and the Hokey Pokey. The "class" gets him used to the water and he gets to see the other kids kicking, so he's starting to catch on.

Liam seemed to like being in the water and splashing around; but he does not like floating on his back. He loves jumping to Daddy during "Humpty Dumpty had a great FALL!". Then there's the slide - - Liam likes sliding into the water, over and over and over again!

Super Liam!

Thursday, September 11:

Liam's new teacher, Miss Susan, has come up with lots of fun craft projects for the Pre-Toddlers. This one is pretty amazing, and a little hilarious. The "pre-tods" paraded around school in their Super Baby costumes! After seeing Liam in his costume, I can't imagine how fun it was to coordinate four kids in these!

Liam can eat with a spoon!

Thursday, September 4:

Mommy decided to just try it...she used the suction-cup bowl and scooped in the yogurt, then handed Liam a spoon. And he did it! (Most of) The yogurt made it into his mouth, like he'd been doing this for a while! What a pro! Sure, we needed a bath afterwards - but who cares?!

Back to the Butterfly Garden

Monday, September 1:

Liam and mommy decided to get out of the house and have some fun. We went back to the butterfly garden at Mendon Ponds Park. Liam had fun playing with the windchimes and the little waterfall, and he thought that "smelling" the flowers was hysterical. (he kept snorting on the flowers, instead of smelling them!) Then we walked on a short trail - Liam led the way! And we saw some horses before we left.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Playing in the Pantry

September 5:
Liam isn't fussy very often - usually only when he's sick, really hungry, or bored. So we try to keep things new for him - bring out a toy that he hasn't played with in a while, find an arts & crafts project, or introduce him to the pantry. Ah, the joys of stacking juice boxes and cans of beans. Woo Hoo! Who wouldn't love this?!?